Alps Pension

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Alps Pension, this 1 star waterfront hotel in Tomamu is very convenient for tourists who prefer not to stay at Alps Pension. The standard rates for rooms at Alps Pension near waterfront is only US$119. The price of US$119 at this 1 star waterfront hotel is very attractive for a hotel near Tomamu waterfront. this 1 star waterfront hotel in Tomamu has 13 well-equipped rooms with panoramic views.

Alps Pension, hotel ini dekat Alps Pension populer untuk kunjungan bisnis yang tidak mendapatkan kamar di Alps Pension. Harga normal kamar per malam hotel di Tomamu hanya US$119. Harga US$119 di salah satu hotel berbintang 1 di kota Tomamu sangat umum dan dekat dengan pantai / sungai. hotel berbintang 1 di Tomamu memiliki 13 kamar lengkap dengan pemandangan yang bagus.

Locality of this Tomamu hotel Tomamu

Better Hotels Near Alps Pension:

Pension Ing Tomamu

1.08KM to Alps Pension

Pension Ing Tomamu, this hotel has 11 guest rooms. The room rate of US$120 at this 3 star hotel near Alps Pension is very attractive near Alps Pension. The guest check-in time for this 3 star hotel near Alps Pension is 03:00 PM. this 3 star hotel in Tomamu is 2 storeys tall.

Pension Ing Tomamu, Pension Ing Tomamu di Tomamu memiliki 11 kamar lengkap. Harga per malam US$120 di salah satu hotel berbintang 3 di kota Tomamu sangat menarik dan dekat dengan Alps Pension. Waktu check-in biasanya di hotel berbintang 3 adalah 03:00 PM. hotel ini memiliki tinggi 2 lantai.

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