Pension Kaigan Douri

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Pension Kaigan Douri, If you are driving, you can go to Pension Kaigan Douri near waterfront at (138.197525,34.672783). this waterfront hotel in Shizuoka was initially built in 1986. The normal check-out time for this 3 star Shizuoka waterfront hotel is 10:00?AM. The price of US$37 at this 3 star hotel near waterfront is very attractive for a hotel near Shizuoka waterfront.

Pension Kaigan Douri, For users, cari hotel ini dekat Pension Kaigan Douri di koordinat (138.197525,34.672783). hotel berbintang 3 di Shizuoka awalnya di buat pada tahun 1986. Waktu check-out guest di Pension Kaigan Douri dekat waterfront adalah 10:00?AM. Harga per malam US$37 di hotel berbintang 3 sangat murah dan dekat dengan pantai / sungai.

Location of this hotel near waterfront Shizuoka

Other Hotels Near Pension Kaigan Douri:

Hotel Route Inn Omaezaki

7.03KM to Pension Kaigan Douri

Hotel Route Inn Omaezaki, The online rates for rooms at this Shizuoka hotel is only US$49. this 3 star Shizuoka hotel is located at 2525-1,Ikeshinden,Omaezaki-city , Shizuoka, Japan. this 3 star hotel in Shizuoka has 134 well-equipped rooms. The room rate of US$49 at this hotel near Pension Kaigan Douri is very common near Pension Kaigan Douri.

Hotel Route Inn Omaezaki, Harga spesial kamar per malam Hotel Route Inn Omaezaki di Shizuoka hanya US$49. Hotel Route Inn Omaezaki terletak di 2525-1,Ikeshinden,Omaezaki-city , Shizuoka, Japan. hotel di Shizuoka memiliki 134 kamar tamu. Harga US$49 di hotel ini sangat menarik dan dekat dengan Pension Kaigan Douri.

Kuretake-inn Omaezaki

7.19KM to Pension Kaigan Douri

Kuretake-inn Omaezaki, this hotel is only 7.19km from Pension Kaigan Douri. this 3 star hotel in Shizuoka has 133 well-equipped rooms. Kuretake-inn Omaezaki was first built in 2009.

Kuretake-inn Omaezaki, Kuretake-inn Omaezaki dekat Pension Kaigan Douri hanya berjarak 7.19km dari Pension Kaigan Douri. Kuretake-inn Omaezaki di Shizuoka memiliki 133 kamar tamu. Kuretake-inn Omaezaki di Shizuoka awalnya di dirikan pada tahun 2009.

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